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I had originally planned on expanding my back story to get us to today but I don’t seem to have the time to sit and type (as a single mom, I’m blessed to have as much time as I do).  The very few readers who know this blog exists seem to have an appetite to read about my dating life, especially the fiasco’s/escapades, so I’ll start peppering them in as I get the chance.

When it comes to dating, I have heaps of experience.  I am one of those rare people who actually enjoys making a first impression.  I love planning an outfit, and getting pretty.  I love having a reason to put on perfume and dresses and diamonds.  I love when my date shows up and I can see that he appreciates the effort I put into that evening.  I especially love making a connection and learning about the interesting, new person in front of me.

As for where I’m meeting these guys – I refuse to go to a bar to meet men.  My ex is an alcoholic with a temper and I just don’t think it’s the right environment to meet someone (no judgement to those who do, I’m lucky to live in the biggest city in Canada and have many places to stumble on love).  The best place for me is to go to the dating sites or through work (not directly, although if you flip to my post “The Affair” you’ll get to read all about the huge lesson I learned about dating and falling in love in the office in the office).  Site’s I’ve used:

Match.com  – it was ok, I found most of the prospects a bit boring but probably good if you’re looking for someone who’s interested in getting married or start a family soon.  Everyone seemed to be on the same page there and pretty much all wanted a serious relationship.

SugarDaddie.com – I’m having a blast here.  I haven’t met anyone off the site yet, however my account is still active.  It’s a great fit for me because it’s full of attractive, older established men (which is exactly what I’m into as I don’t think I see myself having any more children).  There are two very distinct types of people on that site.  Some who are looking for a SugarDaddy/SugarbBabe relationship (no strings attached, usually the women are “kept” to varying degrees. Some call it a “professional” relationship).  There are also lots and lots of men who are looking for a real relationship with a pretty girl that they can spoil.  I fall into the second group, although the idea of a NSA with gifts or allowances had piqued my interest from time to time, but I fall in love far too easily and frequently and I know I wouldn’t be able to follow the rules of a SugarBabe.  I put the site on hold for a while but will revive this week.  Stay tuned for updates!

Plentyoffish.com – just don’t even.  This is the worst place on the internet if you’re looking for a meaningful connection.  My experience was that most were there looking for a quick hook up and my inbox was littered with unsolicited dick pics.  I’m doing an entirely separate post on DP’s later, as I feel they truly deserve their own blog post.

OkCupid – this is the best free dating site there is.  It’s a huge mix of personalities and I’ve met some very cool people there.  If you are a girl with a pretty picture, be warned – there are way more men there than women and some can get aggressive because of the limited pool of women to chose from.  I’ve made good use of the “block” function on that site.  That said, it’s still a great free place to find people interested in dating.   My profile is hidden right now, but I’ll reactivate this week.

I’d like to try Elitesingles.com. Once my sugardaddie.com membership expires I might go give that a try.  I think the flavour might be well suited for me, and I’ll be less likely to stumble on men looking for “professional relationships”.

There are also a ton of other dating sites out there that can help you narrow your search if there are certain specifics that are non negotiable to you (culture, race, or religion for starters).  I’ve even heard that there are sites for those with HIV/AIDS or even Herpes to meet, so there truly is a site for everyone.

I’ve had some great experiences, and some real flops.  I always go into a date with an open mind because no one is truly going to connect right away, but sometimes, your gut tells you it’s just not a match and you have to go with it.