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Q: I’m dating a few guys and they all want too much attention. “When will i see you again? What are you doing tomorrow?” I have to be vague and feel rude being slow to respond, but I don’t want to encourage them! (If they lose interest I don’t really care so i guess that’s saying something…).  What do I do?

A: It sounds like you are definitely unsure there’s chemistry with any of them. You could do lots of things:

a) go on at least one more date (I usually do three if there’s a little something there and I’m unsure – never more than one if I totally know it’s not working).

b) engage all of them in conversation about dating other people so it’s very clear you aren’t moving towards exclusivity.

c) just say there’s no relationship chemistry (I find this the best “out” because it’s in no way a poor reflection of their character, it just tells them you don’t think you guys are a match).

d)…whatever you think is best given their personalities.  Sometimes there’s no right answer and you have to just feel things out.